Watch SpaceX Launch a Rocket, and Try One of its Trickiest Ocean Landings Yet

By Ria Misra on at

SpaceX has been having an incredible run of rocket launches lately. The most notable part is that it’s been successfully landing its rockets on a barge in the ocean. Not easy. This evening, it will attempt one of its most complicated landings yet. Let’s watch and see what happens at 21:40 UK time.

Before both of its two previous, successful drone ship landings on the Of Course I Still Love You barge, SpaceX predicted that the rockets would come close to hitting their mark, but that they wouldn’t stick it. This time around, the company is describing the landing as merely “challenging”. (Musk et al are taking no chances, the launch was scheduled for the same timeslot last night but was postponed to this evening due to a "tiny glitch".)

This Falcon 9 launch will be sending THAICOM8, a commercial communications satellite, into a 38,500 km geostationary orbit. The rocket will be coming back in for a landing very fast and incredibly hot. This coupled with the difficulties posed by a new, experimental landing pattern mean that the chances of a third successful landing remain uncertain.

Watch with us right here: