What Would You Do With Shia LaBeouf if You Tracked Down His GPS Coordinates?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Former screen actor and current real-world bizarre performance artiste Shia LaBeouf has come up with a new way of making people shake their heads and worry about his mental state: posting his GPS location online and asking us to come and find him.

The new neediest man on the planet is orchestrating this project through Twitter (with involvement of sorts from Vice and several public art institutions, so it appears legit and not the actions of a man who wants to be eaten in a forest by a German cannibal he sought out on the internet because he's got nothing left to live for), and look -- some people actually went and found him:

Which raises the question... what would you do with Shia LaBeouf were you to stumble across him crying into his phone somewhere and looking dishevelled? Take him home and play local multiplayer video games for a few hours? He might like that. A bit of normality. Maybe he'd just like someone to ask him if he's OK, like people on Facebook are always saying you should. Except they never do.

He's probably still a bit rich, so maybe lunch somewhere nice? Get him to buy you some shoes, then go home and listen to the Pet Shop Boys? Buy everything you need to make flapjacks, then make flapjacks? Paint the hallway together? Sign up for Uber and drive strangers around for a bit? [Sick Chirpse]

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