Why You Should Never Name Your Hotspot 'Mobile Detonation Device' When Flying

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Go on, have a wild guess. A wise-arse who’s probably feeling pretty proud of themselves right now caused pandemonium over the weekend when a fellow passenger on the Qantas flight from Melbourne to Perth stumbled upon their Wi-Fi hotspot, which had a rather striking name.

Yep, the plane had a Mobile Detonation Device onboard.

As tends to be the case these days, all sense and sense of humour immediately flew out of the (fortunately sealed) windows. The plane remained grounded, with the captain declaring that it wouldn’t take off until the apparently dangerous device was found.

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It wasn’t -- like a stern teacher, the captain didn't keep his word -- and unsurprisingly, nobody came forward to admit that their prank had got a little out of hand. Around 40 people then refused to stay on board, causing further delays and freeing up ample arm and foot space for the others. Definitely worth it. [West Australian via CNET]