Win Up to $25,000 for Spending All Day on Pornhub (If You Can Spot a Bug)

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Even the dirtiest of sites need to be hosed down every now and again. Pornhub’s launched its own bug bounty scheme, and is offering between $50 (£35) and $25,000 (£17,270) to anyone disengaged enough with the on-screen sexing and whatnot to spot a vulnerability on the site.

The next time you’re ready to drain the main vein but just can’t find the right sort of pulse-heightening content -- we’ve all been there -- why not put your mind to plugging a rather different type of hole? Pornhub’s had issues with dodgy ads in the past, and needs a hand keeping its backdoors locked.

“Like other major tech players have been doing as of late, we’re tapping some of the most talented security researchers as a proactive and precautionary measure – in addition to our dedicated developer and security teams — to ensure not only the security of our site but that of our users, which is paramount to us,” said Corey Price, the site’s dirty VP.

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“The brand new program provides some of our developer-savvy fans a chance to earn some extra cash – upwards to $25K – and the opportunity to be included in helping to protect and enhance the site for our 60 million daily visitors.”

There are lots of rules you need to bear in mind though. For instance, you must report any bugs you find 24 hours after you dig them out, you mustn't interrupt the delivery of porn services, and certain types of bug won't count towards your haul. For all the details follow this link -- don’t worry, we’re sending you to HackerOne, not HR. [Register]