YouTube's "Native Sharing" Messaging Feature Turns the Site Into Red Facebook

By Gary Cutlack on at

YouTube's about to start testing its own in-house and in-app messaging service, one designed to let users share videos with friends then hang around in some sort of chat thread debating the political and social ramifications of what they've just seen unfold, and whether or not the dog involved really did sound like it was saying "sausages."

The social video site is calling this a form of "native sharing" system, with a test group of users seeing it appear on their browsers and apps today when trawling for amusing content of animals, fat people, shouting teenagers pretending to be angry etc.

Invite someone in to watch a clip you're watching and a separate message tab pops up within the app, with the conversation letting your chums respond with videos of their own. Basically, YouTube wants to be like Facebook is for some people -- the only thing they open, look at and do. [Wired]

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