A £300 Nexus 5X With £126 Off is Our "Lower-Price Blower" Deal of the Day

By Gizmodo UK on at

Good afternoon Giz UK! We've put together one last deals page for the week, before we scurry back into our dark caves looking for more bargains to bring you when next week rolls in.

Top of today's pile is a massive saving on a Nexus phone, specifically the 5X. The unlocked and 4G sim-free version of the phone is still being sold for closer to the £300 mark by most retailers (even John Lewis!) but over on eglobalcentral.co.uk, the price has been slashed right down to £173.99. Here's our review of the 5X, if you want to know more – and here's where to head if you want to pick up the deal yourself.

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