A Labyrinth Board Game Will Test How Well You Know Your Way Around Goblin City

By Alissa Walker on at

The Labyrinth sequel may never materialise, and a reboot’s future is uncertain after the untimely death of David Bowie, he who played the orb-juggling Jareth (all hail the Goblin King). But as you pick out the right crotch-gripping trousers to celebrate the film’s 30th anniversary this summer, the Jim Henson Company is releasing a board game to keep the dance magic dance alive.

According to ToyNews, the official Labyrinth board game will be on shelves later this year. Although details are slim so far, I assume the game involves surmounting dangers untold and hardships unnumbered to reach the center of the labyrinth:

Developed by River Horse, the game features the likeness of the film’s main characters in a series of five crafted miniatures including Bowie’s Goblin King, Jareth, Connelly’s Sarah, Hoggle, Ludo and Didymus atop his loyal steed, Ambrosias.

Wait, no baby Toby? Or maybe the goal is that you have to find baby Toby. In that case, check Portland. [ToyNews]