A Moto 360 for £99 is Our "Wristputer Done Right" Deal of the Day

By Gizmodo UK on at

Good afternoon deals-fans! Let's get straight down to business and see what savings are up for grabs today, starting with this deal on a Moto 360 smartwatch.

The metal-strap version of Motorola's popular wristputer has been slashed in price right down to £99 on John Lewis. Its price crested at £229, before heading to £179. This new price is well worth consideration! The round-faced Moto 360 is a popular choice among users, and it has impressive specs to boot. All of that can be found on John Lewis, where you can pick up the deal too.

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  • Motorola Moto 360: Metal Smartwatch, Android Wear, Light Chrome Case and Stainless Steel Band now £99 at John Lewis