A Nokia 3310 for £9.15 is Our "Buy it Just for Snake" Deal of the Day

By Gizmodo UK on at

Greetings, fellow money-savers. We're back once again with the deals behaviour, and we are genuinely a little excited to present the deal of the day: the iconic Nokia 3310.

No, don't worry, you haven't woken up in 2002. The classic dumbphone (as opposed to 'smartphone', of course) is being sold on AliExpress, refurbished, and there are at time of publish 888 pieces available to buy. Hell, if you bought one solely to play Snake, you'd be happy. Burner-phone-seeking drug dealers are sure to get in on the action, and what better endorsement is that?

Pick up the phone (but don't drop it, or you might break the floor) for the equivalent of just £9.15 over on AliExpress.

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