A Raspberry Pi for Android is Almost Certainly Coming

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

We’ve seen rumours of the sort before, but Eben Upton, the founder of the Raspberry Pi foundation, has finally spoken about the possibility of an Android-running Raspberry Pi. And he sounds pretty positive about it.

"It's a promising sign and a nice compliment to the open source community,” said Upton in an interview with Wired, adding that the move would "bring a vast amount of content to the platform and we'll take it as it comes."

So could that mean there’s already one in the works? Unfortunately not. Not yet, anyway. Upton also revealed that he and his staff have been focused on producing as many devices as possible, and haven’t had the time to work on Android support. Somebody needs an extra assistant.

An Android-running Raspberry Pi would be a big deal, as it would provide a well supported operating system for the tiny computer – and bring with it an easy-to-use interface, and potentially millions of apps too. It could also be good for coders and makers because it means that sensor-loaded devices could be built using Android's extensive development eco-system, and could conceivably integrate more easily with other Android devices.

Did someone say PioT? [Wired]