'Accidental' Pre-WWDC Apple Boo-Boo Hints at Death of OS X

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

With WWDC 2016 taking place next week, there are even more eyes on Apple than usual, but the company’s ensured it soaks up as much attention as possible in the build-up to the conference by, ahem, accidentally referring to ‘macOS’ instead of ‘OS X’ on its website.

This isn’t the first time it’s happened. The company made a similar boo-boo on Earth Day earlier this year, though back then, it was ‘MacOS’ with a capitalised M. I wonder how many person-hours have been spent over the past half-year agonising over that detail.

Pseudo-calamity struck when Apple updated its revenue sharing policies for developers this week. Moving forwards, developers will get an 85% share of the income rather than 70% whenever a user subscribes to a service for a year or more. Apple says it’s also working to improve efficiency when it comes to approving apps for the App Store.

Both references the unfamiliar name have now been replaced with 'OS X', but the rebrand will surely be announced next week. People will cheer. [MacRumors]