AI Lawyer Successfully Argues Against 160,000 Parking Tickets

By Gary Cutlack on at

A 19-year-old tech-minded chap claims to have automated the parking ticket appeals process, saying that his AI appeals chatbot has somehow managed to get 160,000 parking tickets and associated fines issued to drivers in London and New York overturned.

It's the creation of Stanford University student Joshua Browder, who's assembled chat site DoNotPay to automate the process of complaining about things vociferously enough and in the sort of strong language to the relevant people in a manner that gets RESULTS.

Since launch 21 months ago, Browder claims to have processed 250,000 claims, winning 160,000 of them. His tool works by guiding potentially wronged claimants through a series of questions, before collating the results and pushing out a formal complaint to the department in question.

It's not hard to see how this could be applied to all forms of travel in the future, letting delayed rail, air and sea passengers claim for their entitled refunds -- or getting people off the hook for all kinds of similar transgressions. Which is fine, as long as it's not encouraging lying about not seeing signs and stealing money from our besieged councils. [Venturebeat via Guardian]

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