All The Best Articles from Giz UK Transport Week

By Jack Tomlin on at

That was the week that was! We're departing from Transport Week here on Gizmodo UK and looking longingly out of the window at what's gone by. It's been a great event filled with loads of interesting articles, so here is your one-stop shop of all the best bits from across the week, collected in one easy place for you to explore. Without further ado...

From A to B: Why It's Such a Bumpy Road to Driverless Cars

Do you buy flowers if your driverless car kills somebody, or just a new front bumper? Questions like these are just the tip of a gargantuan legal, ethical and practical iceberg. Chatting to the experts, let's explore how driverless cars will affect the way we live, earn and play. Read more >>

Where Are the Quietest Seats On a Plane?

It's all to do with the wings.

London's Cancelled Transport Projects (Or, Why Commuting in the Capital is Rubbish)

Here’s our pick of some of the ideas for keeping London moving that never got off the ground. Read more >>

14 Things You Didn't Know About Air Travel

Over ninety years ago a team of heroic US aviators completed the first round-the-world flight. So what better way to celebrate one of mankind's greatest achievements than with 14 facts about air travel. Read more >>

10 of the Biggest, Baddest and Barmiest British Military Vehicles

A selection of the most amazing machines to serve our armed forces, from air, land and sea. Read more >>

What the Evolution of the Tube Map Can Teach Us About London's History

How have the tube map and London developed since 1908? Read more >>

Electric Scooter Road Test: One Week Commuting With the Mad Emicro One

Can you actually commute across town on an e-scooter without looking like a tit/going under a bus? We find out on one of the newest, daftest electric scooters on the roads… Read more >>

10 Tips for Surviving an American Road Trip

Getting an International Driving Permit and sorting out that epic Spotify Holiday Road playlist is just the tip of the iceberg. Read more >>

Drive Like a Rothschild in the Top 10 Best Luxury Cars Money Can Buy

More comfortable than trains, way more comfortable than buses, there really is nothing like being driven around while you sip champagne, get a massage from soft leather seats and laugh at the paupers using just their feet for locomotion. Read more >>

9 New Massive Bridges and Tunnels That Could Unite Countries and Continents

Might want to keep this article away from the pro-Brexit gang... Read more >>

The Bizarre Evolutionary Anomaly That is Travel Sickness

They say it’s not about where you’re going, but how you get there. But you know what makes that journey really hard? Feeling like you’re actually about to die when you’re travelling anywhere. So what the hell is travel sickness? Read more >>

How Far Are We From a Supersonic Air Travel Future?

Concorde may be sorely missed, but we may be taking to the skies in style again before too long. Speaking to experts in the field, these are the challenges that must be overcome by supersonic air travel first. Read more >>

The 14 Craziest, Most Dangerous Airports in the World

Your flight to WTF is now boarding.

A Brief History of Speeding in the UK

Speeding is over 120 years old. To celebrate this act of going too fast, we've taken a look at the history, the future, and some notable cases of this crime-that-isn't-quite-a-crime. Read more >>

Never Accept a Ride From a 2 Star-Rated Uber Driver Abroad: A Cautionary Tale

Just because it’s familiar, doesn’t mean it won’t kill you. Take my NYC horror Uber story for example... Read more >>

10 of the Most Bizarre Cars Ever Made

Start your engines. We've rounded up some truly weird and wonderful vehicles, from an underwater electric death-machine to a car in a suitcase and more in between. Read more >>