All the Best E3 2016 Game Trailers – From Xbox One to PS4 to PC

By Gerald Lynch on at

The big boys have have strutted their stuff on the E3 2016 stage, and we've now got a good idea of the gaming landscape for the next 12 months and beyond. There's been a lot to sift through, and whittling down the best E3 2016 game trailers has revealed a very healthy flow of games heading to your preferred systems of choice, be that PS4, Xbox or PC.

New games, new stuff for old games, and new looks at the stuff we've been teased with before. It's been a busy few days in LA's annual gaming showcase. Here's our pick of the best E3 2016 game trailers, all in one place, categorised by conference. Get comfy - there's a lot to see.

Best E3 2016 Game Trailers:

best e3 2016 game trailers

Microsoft Xbox One Conference E3 2016 Game Trailers

Though Microsoft had to suffer the indignity of the entirety of its E3 showcase having leaked before its reps had even taken to the stage, it was a solid day out for the Xbox gang. While the big news focussed around brand new hardware like Project Scorpio and the Xbox One S, there was plenty of room for some new game announcements, and some deeper dives into games we already knew were in the pipeline.

Gears of War 4

Buy Gears of War 4 on Xbox One, and get it for free on Windows 10 (and vice versa). Leading the charge of Microsoft's "Play Anywhere" intiative, it's another cover-based shooter from the grandaddy of the sub genre. Bit po-faced, which is a shame as the earlier Gears games had a sort of "DILLON!" Arnie-in-Predator vibe.

Forza Horizon 3

Another PC / Xbox cross platform title, Microsoft's open-world racer looks seriously mad this time out. Set in Australia, the game will include four-player campaign co-op.

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV continues to impress, and continues to look less and less like the FF games you've come to expect. This E3 demo highlight centres around a massive face-off with a "titan" boss character, which fills the screen. With the real-time battle system, this wouldn't look out of place in a God of War game rather than a JRPG. You can see where all that money went.

Dead Rising 4

Cross-platform zombie slaying, with a festive theme. Dead Rising 3 had promise, but was massively let down by awful performance issues. Hopefully that's all fixed up this time.


Multiplayer dragon fighting against a giant crab thing. Looks super cool, but fucking hell, that lead character is more annoying than I can handle. Which is a damn shame, as this looks really impressive otherwise.

Sea of Thieves

Aw, now this looks really fun. Multiplayer pirating action from Rare, the team behind Banjo-Kazooie. Build a crew with your mates, take a role on a ship, sail the seas and explore a big pirate-y world, drink rum. Lovely. (Just try to ignore the idiots they've roped in to play it).

Halo Wars 2

A return to the top-down, RTS take on the Halo universe. Long-awaited by some fans, which is a little bit surprising as the first Halo Wars was merely OK. Still, the RTS genre is criminally under represented on consoles, so it's welcome in any case.

best e3 2016 game trailers

Sony PS4 E3 2016 Conference Game Trailers

Considering Microsoft showed its sorta-next-gen hand by announcing Project Scorpio, it was all quiet on the PlayStation Neo front for Sony. Instead, a proper release date for PlayStation VR was Sony's big hardware news, instead choosing to let its games do the talking, many of which had never been seen before.

God of War

A new take on the gory-god killing mythological brawl-em-up, the stunning new God of War trailer saw a shouty Kratos taking on the deities of Norse mythology.

Days Gone

Think Sons of Anarchy meets Cormac McCarthy's The Road, and that's sorta where post-apocalyptic biker game Days Gone is heading. Looks very pretty though.

The Last Guardian

The perennially-delayed follow up to Shadow of the Colossus, now a fully-fledged PS4 game, finally has a release date – October 25th. Expect a shortage of hats come autumn as fans the world over a forced to eat them for daring to bet against it ever coming out.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Another look at the robot dinosaurs from the Killzone team, after making its debut last E3.

Detroit: Become Human

Bit Blade Runner-y this one, from the Heavy Rain / Beyond Two Souls team. A straight forward thriller, this'll focus on the tension between androids and humans in a world where lifelike bots live among us.

Resident Evil 7

With the series having gone off the rails of late, Capcom will be hoping that making us shit our pants in virtual reality will get us back into the undead spirit of its Resident Evil franchise.

Battlefront: X-Wing VR Mission

So, it's not a totally new game, but flying an X-Wing in VR is about as close as you're ever going to get to actually jumping in the star fighter. So yes. It's OK to get excited (though you just know it'll last about 30 minutes and cost £50).

Batman Arkham VR

Not much to go on here, but it's by the same team that made the core three Arkham Batman games, so they know what they're doing. Expect this to be more story than action driven, though.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

It's Call of Duty in space. So you know what to expect. Next!

Crash Bandicoot remasters

While the trailer above announces his new appearance in the Skylanders game, the real news is that the first three PS One Crash Bandicoot games are getting remade for the PS4. Little nod there for the older gamers in the world.

Death Stranding

Well this is a bit...mental. But then would you expect any less from Hideo Kojima, the man behind Metal Gear and Silent Hill? God only knows what's going on here, with its electric mud babies and dead whales and naked Norman Reedus, but there's no denying it's intriguing. Anything could be going on here.


Interesting to see Marvel giving exclusive rights to a Spider-Man game to Sony here, especially with a lucrative new film just sitting over the horizon. This one's being developed by Insomniac Games, the great team behind Rachet and Clank and Sunset Overdrive, who've proved time and again they can make fast-paced action games with interesting movement mechanics. That makes them a perfect match for web-slinging Spidey, but we've been burnt time and again by Spider-Man games, haven't we? It's a great developer at work here though, so fingers crossed, and it doesn't appear to be constrained by any established comic or movie storyline, which should give them some freedom to experiment. Not a fan of that costume though. Might have to buy the inevitable OG suit DLC.

best e3 2016 game trailers

EA Conference Game Trailers at E3 2016

Sure, there's a no FIFA and new Battlefield. No surprises there. But you Gizzers know that the only stuff from EA that's really worth getting excited about is the sci-fi stuff, and the company delivered in spades. THREE new Star Wars games and a proper look at Mass Effect: Andromeda? Yes please.

Titanfall 2

More mechs, more guns, and now with an added grappling hook and six new giant titan robots to blow stuff up with. The first Titanfall was great, but for a multiplayer-only shooter it saw a steep, sad drop off in player numbers. Hopefully the new game can retain them a bit longer.

Mass Effect: Androdmeda

Ooooooh yeeaaaaah. A whole new story for Mass Effect: Andromeda away from the Shepherd trilogy, you'll be part of an expedition to the Andromeda galaxy, with a whole new crew, new planets to explore and new alien races to meet. Powered by the Frostbite Engine, the Mako vehicle from the first game returns, and it might even be fine to drive this time.


Your annual footy-SIM tax. As ever, incremental improvements. Managers with real-world likenesses will now prowl the touchline, and there will also be a single-player story mode to sink your teeth into. Think New Star Soccer with better grass physics...

EA Star Wars games

No titles for any of EA's Star Wars games yet, but you get a whistlestop tour of each, including older games like MMO, The Old Republic. Key takeaways – there's a proper new Battlefront coming, and Amy Hennig of Uncharted fame is making a Star Wars game that looks, essentially, like Uncharted on Tatooine.

Battlefield 1

EA's next first-person shoot-fest transports you back to an alternate-reality World War One. It looks stunning, in the same slightly-disrespectful-to-the-war-dead way that all historical shooters do.

best e3 2016 game trailers

Bethesda Game Trailers at E3 2016

No, of course you weren't going to get a proper new Elder Scrolls game so soon after Fallout 4. But it was a crowd-pleasing turnout from Bethesda which showed off new DLC packs, remastered classics and a smattering of all new games.

Quake Champions

Going old-skool here, Bethesda's return to the veteran FPS franchise sees it wanting to get in on the lucrative eSports scene.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Free-to-play card game. Next!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Special Edition Remaster) / Fallout 4 DLC

One of the greatest games of modern times is getting a facelift for Xbox One and PS4. Including all new graphical fancy bits and all the original game's DLC, the remastered Skyrim will also open up mods for console players. In a nice touch, PC gamers who already own all the original games downloadable content will get the Special Edition as a free update. Oh, and there's a load of new Fallout stuff in there too, with news of a Fallout 4 VR version on the way as well.


Thought cancelled, but now back in a far different guise. Keep an eye out for the Prometheus moment...

Dishonored 2

Yes, we know they spell it wrong, sorry! Still, looks like another solid round of stealthy-stabby first person play. Dishonored was a dark-horse hit when it released, and this one is looking wonderful too. Great to see that caricature art-style get another day out.

best e3 2016 game trailers

Ubisoft E3 2016 Game Trailers

With no new Far Cry or Assassin's Creed games, Ubi's conference felt a bit flat. Lots of military shooters, but the Star Trek stuff in VR looks great, and For Honor definitely intrigues. "Game Name of the Show" award hands down goes to the new South Park title though. That's a thing of beauty.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands

A better look at a game we've seen before. A tactical shooter focussing on the battle against the drug trade, your squad will have to work hard to communicate well and sync up across large open mission spaces.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

These are the only three reasons you need to play the new South Park superhero spoof game. 1) Its name. 2) You can do a fart in it that tears a hole in the space time continuum. 3) It features Kanye West as a gay fish trying to get to heaven. Sold!

Tom Clancy's The Division – Survival DLC

Not a lot to go on here, though there's a hint at some sort of dynamic weather system being introduced, as well as randomly-generated dungeons. Yep. "Dungeons", in New York. And not the kinky type.

Star Trek Bridge Crew VR

Ah, now this is great. A team based VR game, you'll each take a role on the USS Enterprise's bridge, responsible for different ship functions. You'll have to work closely together to keep the thing in the air, let alone fend off the inevitable alien nasties that are bound to arrive.

For Honor

Yeah, they don't know how to spell either. A melee-focussed action game, this looks quietly promising.

Watch_Dogs 2

The first game oversold and underwhelmed. But Ubisoft is back for another go at "GTA with hacking". It certainly looks lovely, and the lead character can't be any worse than the original's protagonist (though the fashion choices throughout are eyebrow raising...)


An open world game, with no guns! Surely there's some mistake? Money on this winter sports title eventually having a DLC pack that lets you turn your ski sticks into deadly spears.

best e3 2016 game trailers

PC Gaming Show E3 2016 Trailers

Our buddies over at PC Gamer did a slap-up job of pulling together a load of PC game devs for the second-annual PC Gaming Show at E3 2016. This is the best of a shed-load of trailer they had to show off.

Dawn of War 3

The Warhammer RTS that doesn't look straight out of Middle Earth, base-building returns in a third entry to the series that looks to tie up all the best bits of the RTS franchise to date.

Ark Survival Evolved update

New areas and new modes, including the ability to play as a dinosaur. Roaaaaawwrr!

Giant Cop

This looks mad – you're kinda like an...erm... giant cop, picking on criminals as you tower above a city. Looks like a perfect fit for a VR headset when sat down.


An old school isometric RPG from Obsidian, the guys behind the classics of the genre. You get to be a right bastard in this, which will be refreshing from all those "BE THE HERO" RPGs out there.

Dual Universe

A No Man's Sky knock off, to be sure, but not one without its own ideas too. A giant shared universe of dynamically generated planets, the focus here will be on multiplayer and crafting. It may even beat Sony's exclusive out the door, as it's going to be made available to intrepid testers as part of the Steam Early Access programme.

So there you have it – the best of E3 2016. There are still a few more events to come, but that's the meat of the show right there. So what tickles your fancy? What got your heart racing, and what will you be lining up to play come release day? let us know in the comments section below.