All The Reasons Tim Peake Should Stay in Space

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's been six months since Tim Peake blasted into space, flying off on 15th December 2015, making him the first British astronaut to leave the Earth and head up to the International Space Station. His "Principia" mission saw him running experiments and testing out the new technologies that will push the boundaries for future space missions. And now it's time for him to come back, set to return from his 250 mile-high orbit on Saturday, touching down in Kazakhstan.

With a wife and two kids, he's probably now quite ready to return to terra firma. But, to be honest, it's hardly been a vintage six months back here on Earth. In fact, it's been pretty bloody grim. Here's just a selection of the horrible things that have happened while Tim's been away. In no particular order...

Orlando shooting

March ISIS attack in Belgium

Al-Qeada Burkina Faso attacks

- Brexit and the fall of British politics (though it did result in this gem)


The return of football hooliganism at Euro 2016 

The death of David Bowie

The death of Prince

The death of Alan Rickman

The death of Victoria Wood

The death of Muhammed Ali

New cases of ebola transmissions

Hollywood's continued diversity problem

UK austerity set to continue

While UK welfare cuts are hidden in budget changes


- Climate change continues to cook the planet


Oh, and...

Batman vs Superman

I know the headline reads "all the reasons", and I apologise for that being a bit disingenuous, as really there's essentially just the one, baring the star deaths: Humans are rubbish.

Tim, mate, you should stay up there.