Amazon Busted Illegally Shipping Dangerous Chemicals Again

By William Turton on at

Amazon has racked up two more fines — amounting to a total of $130,000 (£100k) — from avian authorities for improperly shipping dangerous chemicals. Turns out putting acid and flammable gas into a box and putting it on an aeroplane is not OK.

The fines Amazon picked up this week stem from two events in 2014. In one instance, Amazon failed to properly mark a package of “Simple Air EZ Green HVAC Cleaner”, a flammable gas. In another instance, Amazon failed to mark a package of “Rid O’ Rust Stain Preventer Acid” which leaked through the box.

This news arrives just 10 days after the US FAA fined Amazon $350,000 (£253k) for shipping “Amazing! LIQUID FIRE”. According to the agency, “nine UPS employees who came into contact with the box reported feeling a burning sensation and were treated with a chemical wash”. The Liquid Fire, a corrosive drain cleaner, had leaked through the box much like the Rid O’ Rust acid.

It call comes down to regulations that Amazon didn’t follow. There are certain requirements a company like Amazon is required to follow when shipping dangerous chemicals, like special packaging, documentation and warnings on the box. To be fair, the total fine amount to 0.0000014 per cent of its $336 billion market capitalisation. So the fines aren’t exactly going to break the Bezos bank. [Wall Street Journal]