Amazon Just Added a Really Handy New Feature to Kindles and Apps

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

As great as eReaders are, they still fall short of physical books in a handful of categories (sharing, page flipping, room decoration, smell, etc.). An Amazon update fresh out today should bridge the gap a little bit more.

Page Flip allows you to easily flick through an eBook without losing your place. Wondering how the hell Christian Grey managed to get all the way to Base 9 ¾ without even ripping Professor McGonagall’s cloak off? Easily flick back to the bit your lustful eyes absent-mindedly skimmed through in your desire for pleasures of the flesh.

Yep, fair play to the author. She didn’t miss it out. There it is, right after the Earth shifted slightly on its axis, the tectonic plates slid into a new position and old Minerva stopped pretending to be a cat.

Back to the tech. You can either turn a single page at a time, rifle through a bunch or zoom out to see a ‘bird’s eye view of your book’ -- sort of like a bunch of pages laid out in rows and columns, like you used to do during exam season. Page Flip will arrive as part of a free, over-the-air update starting today to Kindle eReaders, Fire tablets, and the Kindle app for iOS and Android.