Amazon Prime Day is Back in July, But Only for Subscription Customers

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

“Do you want this half-price smart thing that used to be £100? That’ll be £129 please.” Amazon has ruined what was supposed to be a joyous day for thousands of cheapskates like me, by revealing that this year’s 24-hour festival of discounts will only be open to Prime members.

Amazon Prime Day is back on July 12th, bringing with it about a month’s worth of genuinely fantastic deals on the stuff you don’t actually need but can’t not buy when there’s a bargain to be had. Unfortunately for those of you who aren’t Prime members, you’ll have to part with £79 (for a one-year subscription) for access to the lovely cut-price stuff.

We feared a move like this when the company made a bunch of popular video games available to subscription customers only earlier this year. Prime members -- in parts of London, anyway -- also have exclusive access to Amazon’s fresh food delivery service, which landed in the UK earlier this month. [Mirror]