Android TV Hacked onto X86 PCs

By Gary Cutlack on at

Fancy trying Android TV for a few minutes before deciding you were right about it all along? There's now a new and easy way to have a look at whatever Google's television ambitions currently resemble, as some clever people have made it all work on a boring old PC like the one under your desk right there.

The hack comes via Geek Till It Hertz, which has released all the tools needed to install an unofficial build of Android TV on any home hardware not of the ARM-based variety. Here, because no one's really very likely to bother with it, is what it looks like:

Only slightly unfortunate that the YouTube app doesn't appear to work very well. Although it's fair to say that Android TV hasn't exactly redefined any media consumption paradigms, it might at least gain a fair few more users from having an X86 build, what with the rising popularity of PCs-on-a-stick and teeny tiny media servers that everyone uses to whack Game of Thrones captures on all of their screens. [Geek Till it Hertz via Slashgear]

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