Android's Next Release May Alter the Navbar Icons

By Gary Cutlack on at

A rumour concerning what we might be poking at in boredom on a future Nexus phone says we should expect Google to fiddle with its Android OS' software button icons yet again, with a source suggesting it may be readying the fill tool to turn those software buttons into solid lumps of white -- and also add a touch of animation to the Home option.

This rumour comes from Android Police, which has provided the above image of the sort of thing that might appear on the Android N software and beyond. The Android news site says this might make people very angry at Google, although in a world that's suddenly all very serious indeed, being angry at a multinational company for changing the look of a software button seems like quite a silly thing to blow your life energy upon.

But anyway. Android Police says this comes from a reliable mole who's got some things right in the past, so unless three million people sign a petition demanding Google keeps the software back button as an unfilled white triangle, this might be what late-2016's Nexus devices use as their main navigation tool. [Android Police]

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