Anki's Adding Giant Racing Trucks To its Smartphone-Controlled Slot Cars

By Andrew Liszewski on at

They’re the workhorses of the world's roads, but Anki is about to make one of your childhood fantasies come true by letting you race a pair of giant trucks on its Overdrive racing set. They might not be as fast as the existing Anki race cars, but they come with devastating new weapons to help level the playing field.

The new trucks, called the Freewheel and the X52, won’t be available until early October. But Anki apparently wants racers to prepare for the new threats coming to their tracks ahead of their release, and maybe make a pre-order or two on its website.

In addition to just being bigger — about three times as large as the standard Overdrive racers — the new supertrucks also come with improved weaponry that will be added to the game’s accompanying app closer to their official release. The X52 will have exclusive access to a ‘Pulse Ram’ that sends opponents careering off the track, while the Freewheel can activate a ‘Gravity Trap’ that causes other drivers to completely lose control of their vehicles.

The new vehicles will be a welcome addition to the Overdrive sets. There are already several vehicles to choose from with unique body designs, but underneath they’re all essentially the same car, and drive the same way. The supertrucks promise to mix things up a bit, not only because they provide a larger obstacle on the tracks, but improved weaponry not available with the existing racers.

The new trucks can be controlled by the game’s artificially intelligent robot drivers, or players who’ve always wanted to recklessly drive a tractor trailer. In addition to the new weapons, the supertrucks will also unlock a new game play mode called ‘Takeover’ where players compete to take control of one of the trucks and viciously attack their opponents until another player disables them and then becomes the driver. It sounds like a fun variation of King of the Hill, unless you’re on the receiving end of one of those new weapons. [Anki]

Anki's Adding Giant Racing Trucks To its Smartphone-Controlled Slot Cars