Apple Thinks You Should Breathe More, Sponsored By Noted Bullshitter Deepak Chopra

By Alissa Walker on at

Breathing is important. There’s really no disputing that. But when Apple announced its new breathing app today, it included an endorsement from one of the biggest spewers of feel-good pseudo-scientific crap, Deepak Chopra.

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A new app will help guide you through meditation and breathing exercises on your Apple Watch, which will bring long-term health benefits, according to this quote from Chopra:

Well, yes, breathing is a a good idea, one might say it is critical for staying alive. But when it comes to your “body-mind”? Well, we’ve looked in depth at Chopra’s questionable medical advice, which thanks to his active social media presence, has actually helped to spread misinformation. Like the fact that your body can hear bacteria. Um, where’s the app for that!?

Again, this is not to say there is anything wrong with meditative breathing — you should absolutely do it. But using Chopra’s “authority” as an argument for Apple Watch users to download this app is not the most medically sound way to make that argument.