Apple's 2015 UK Tax Bill Was the Equivalent of a Couple of Hours of Sales

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

A measly £12.9 million is what Apple is reported to have paid in UK corporation tax last year, despite Apple Retail UK Limited (which runs the Apple Stores) bringing in £1 billion in revenue. The company, of course, is technically doing nothing wrong, which proves that the world is a lovely place run by lovely people.

Apple continues to route an overwhelming proportion of its sales through its international headquarters in Ireland, where the rates are low and the cats are fat. As the Mail Online points out, the company could have earned £12.9 million in just over two hours of UK sales.

“Apple is the largest taxpayer in the world and we pay all that we owe according to the law,” said a spokesman for the company. “We have a long history in the UK and are proud of the significant contributions we’ve made over the past 36 years.”

The latest figures arrive as the European Commission prepares to reveal the results of a long-term investigation into Apple’s tax arrangements in Ireland. Facebook and Google, meanwhile, have already agreed to pay more corporation tax in the UK. [Telegraph, Mail Online]