Are You Bored Enough of Politics to Play Brexit: The Game?

By Gary Cutlack on at

A man's put together what he describes as an "interactive fiction piece" surrounding the UK's possible exit from the European Union, letting players sort of imagine what life might be like for us soon in Paper Brexit.

The maker is using the sole medium of words, mind, so quite an active imagination is required. Install the game (from here, for PC or Mac) and the first thing players do is vote to leave the EU. That bit's not an option, as the game's all about the possible consequences of an exit.

You do then get to choose what happens, mind, as options appear at the bottom of the screen after each new bit of story has unfolded to let players decide how pushy, self-serving and aggressive they'd like to be in the political world of the near future. It's not entirely impartial, could do with dropping the weird foreboding background music that plays continuously, and there are literally zero crates to blow up and no sequences set in strip clubs. It's about a 3/10, to be honest. [Paper Brexit via Kotaku]

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