Arty Robot Can Decide if Hurting You is a Good Idea or Not

By Gary Cutlack on at

A half-roboticist, half-scientist man has created a robot with feelings of a sort, one that can decide whether or not to hurt a human -- and adjust its responses accordingly.

The project, assembled by roboticist and artist Alexander Reben from the University of Berkeley, has been built to break the First Law concept of robotics as outlined by sci-fi genius Isaac Asimov, the one that states a robot may not harm a human being.

Only this one can, with the machine making "a decision to injure a person or not" that the maker says is beyond his control. Although surely, as programmer and builder, it'd be Reben in prison were it to deliberately attach wheels to itself and go out and maim a child. Here it is, gradually chipping away at and weakening a human:

Reben appears to be doing this out of his own personal fear of the rogue AI concept, saying that it's a looming menace that needs to be confronted by the tech giants creating their AIs to better serve advertisements, otherwise at some point in the future that may be a liquid metal bar exploding a brain, rather than a needle meekly penetrating a finger. [BBC]

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