BitTorrent Plans to Pivot into TV News

By Gary Cutlack on at

BitTorrent, the legal business part of the P2P protocol, recently revealed its TV platform plans -- now it's preparing to launch the essential rolling news channel element that'll make it look like a proper, grown-up broadcaster.

The news comes via a job posting listed by the company, where it's asking for applicants to take on the role of News Director. It asks the question: "If you had a blank slate to start a live-streaming TV news network, what would you build? BitTorrent has recently launched a live video streaming platform. Now we need a team to create a tent-pole live news channel to run on it. The News Director is the first dedicated member of that team."

The ad continues with: "You can write. You can report. You can produce. You can shoot video. You can edit. You can anchor. We’re building a lean team to start, and early on we expect everyone will wear many hats. Somewhere in your past you have created something new and original from scratch."

So us and our list of failed blogs, abandoned satirical Twitter accounts with seven followers, typo-strewn CVs and fear of answering the phone wouldn't get very far through the application process. Sounds like they want someone with nice hair, the ability to make eye contact with powerful women and 10,000 YouTube followers at least. [Variety via The Verge]

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