Clicking This One Link Will Totally Get You on a Government Watch List

By Bryan Menegus on at

Does searching for “how to join ISIS” seem like a bad idea that will have a SWAT team banging your door down in the middle of the night? How about letting a potential mate use your computer after looking up “smelly penis cure urgent”? Then do not click on this link which takes you to Ruin My Search History.

The website is exactly what it claims and more: a tool which automatically searches a bunch of embarrassing and offensive terms in order to make future internet usage a terrifying hassle. As Select All notes, you should probably open it in it in incognito mode if you must open it at all. Or delete your history after. Or just throw your computer in the river.

Among the disgusting phrases that will have your local GCHQ operative giving you the stink-eye—like “homemade lube?” “undetectable poisons” and the maddeningly vague “penis remove dog how to”—are a few evoke uncommon levels of pathos: “How to come out as gay to dad” “is it normal to still love my ex” and “how to appear to be funny.” Yeah, this thing goes to a dark place really fast. So much so that a moderator of Reddit’s r/internetisbeautiful—where the tool first gained traction—posted a lengthy response to users claiming that linking to the tool was irresponsible.

I’d be inclined to agree with this moderator... if Ruin My Search History hadn’t added “Donald Trump” to my browser history.

Clicking This One Link Will Totally Get You on a Government Watch List
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