Coding Caterpillar Tipped as Top Toy for Christmas 2016

By Gary Cutlack on at

You know you're getting old when even Fisher Price is doing things about coding. This Christmas, the toymaker is hoping that its Codeapillar might cash in on today's early learning app development push, as it's a toy that requires a small amount of something approximating coding to get it to move through mazes.

This first mention of Christmas 2016 has come via Argos, which has assembled its hot list of the potentially most-bought presents for this year. The poor old Codeapillar  languishes down at 10th place on the list, behind such weird cutting-edge toys as a baby that comes with a "new baby smell" out of the box, a £120 robot monkey for ungrateful rich kids to torture, a SelfieMic that allows children to record their own literally terrible music videos and more.

Argos' chief buyer Linzi Walker said: "We've progressed from the toy caterpillar that toddlers could pull across the floor, to one that starts infants on the road to clever coding. Where once there was a baby doll that simply looked like the real thing, we now have one that SMELLS as sweet as a newborn." [Scunthorpe Telegraph]

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