Cortana Comes to Xbox One With Summer Dashboard Preview Update

By Gerald Lynch on at

With E3 sat just over the horizon, Microsoft's laying the groundwork for this year's Xbox One gaming assault with a summer update for the console's dashboard. Rolling out to Xbox Preview members and those using the Xbox beta app on Windows 10 before a wider rollout, it continues to push forward with Microsoft's unified Xbox / Windows agenda.

The biggest addition will be the introduction of Microsoft's Cortana voice assistant to the console world. How it'll differ from Kinect's current voice controls remains to be seen (a wider array of commands, and better accuracy presumably), but it might give you a reason to plug the camera/mic combo unit back into  your console at any rate.

Facebook Friend Finder will let you search your social networking contacts and invite them to a shooter deathmatch (perfect for when your Messenger GIF smackdowns need to be taken to the next level), provided you're comfortable connecting your Facebook profile with your Xbox Live account.

xbox one cortana

PC gaming gets a nod too – while you won't be able to play PC games on your Xbox console (yet, anyway) PC games will get their own Game Hub in the dashboard. You'll be able to track what PC games your pals on desktop are playing, and track their progress, achievements and (so long as they're also suing the Xbox beta app for Windows) send them messages too. The "Great Windows and Xbox Store Convergence of 2016" will continue too, giving a unified store for both platforms on each device (including Windows Phone), which will be of greater use as Xbox One games increasingly launch day and date next to their PC equivalents.

Clip sharing will get a boost too, with 60fps recording, the ability to share clips directly to Twitter, and improved editing options from the app.

That's just the tip of the iceberg in what looks to be a very significant Xbox update. Hit the source for the full list of features headed to the Xbox One. [Xbox]