Dennis the Menace to Rebrand as CG YouTube Star

By Gary Cutlack on at

Original attention deficit disorder child Dennis the Menace and his uncontrollable  and unregistered dog Gnasher are heading to YouTube, as part of the latest efforts by the publisher of the Beano to keep it all modern and relevant in a world in which dads no longer hit their children with slippers as punishment for minor behavioural transgressions.

Alongside refreshed CG versions of Dennis, Bananaman and the rest of the team, the publisher of the Beano is launching what it describes as a "digital entertainment hub" later in the year, one designed to give the 7 - 10-year-olds of the nation yet another reason to shuffle off to the bedroom with dad's mobile phone on perfectly nice summer days when they really ought to be out menacing.

Beano studios exec Emma Scott said: "We are taking the Beano spirit, we aren’t simply trying to transfer the comic online. And we will marry it with the best of the web, commissions from independent producers, YouTube, user-generated content -- whatever fits with the Beano ethos."

Given that the Beano currently costs a staggering £3.50 due to invariably having a piece of plastic crap on the cover, they certainly ought to have the money to do the gang justice. [Guardian]

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