Details on the New Slim Xbox One Have Leaked

By Tom Pritchard on at

Micirosoft's E3 press conference isn't due to happen until 5.30 tomorrow afternoon, but a few details on the new rumoured Xbox One have hit the net.

The imaginatively titled Xbox One S promises to be 40% slimmer than the current model, has a 2TB hard drive, 4K video playback, a vertical stand, and high dynamic range. That teaser image also promises a streamlined controller. Whatever that means. The controller doesn't look any different to me.

You'll also see that the disc drive has not gone, so Microsoft hasn't been daft enough to rely on digital-only infrastructure. Those of you who prefer physical discs, or have god-awful internet will be happy about that.

Kotaku believes that the new console will go on sale in August, and we're bound to hear more at Microsoft's press conference tomorrow afternoon. Watch this space. [NeoGAF via Kotaku UK]