Dig Into the Latest Issue of the Journal of Science Fiction

By Andrew Liptak on at

We really enjoyed the inaugural issue of the Journal of Science Fiction earlier this year, and the Museum of Science Fiction has just released its second issue.

This latest issue takes a look at a pretty interesting variety of topics: Spanish Utopia novels from the 1930s, Soviet Science Fiction, Fahrenheit 451, Afrofuturism and author M.R. Carey.

Here’s the table of contents:

  • Spanish Anarchism and the Utopian Novel in the 1930s: The Libertarian Society of the Future in El amor dentro de 200 años (Love in 200 Years) by Alfonso Martínez Rizo by Mariano Martin Rodriguez
  • Stalin’s “Loss of Sensation”: Subversive Impulses in Soviet Science-Fiction of the Great Terror by David Christopher
  • Archival Domination in Fahrenheit 451 by Joseph Hurtgen
  • Ecocritical Survival through Psychological Defense Mechanisms in M.R. Carey’s The Girl With All The Gifts by Ruzbeh Babaee
  • Sherri L. Smith’s Orleans and Karen Sandler’s Tankborn: The Female Leader, the Neo-Slave Narrative, and Twenty-first Century Young Adult Afrofuturism by Melanie A. Marotta

You can download the entire issue here.