Drake’s Twitter Got Hacked Because He Used His MySpace Password

By William Turton on at

If you’re reading this you got hacked, Drake.

Rap artist Drake fucked up one of the most basic tenants of online security, and his Twitter appears to have been hacked because of it. For the thousandth time: don’t use the same password over again because it will come back to bite you.

Drake’s Twitter Got Hacked Because He Used His Myspace Password

Drake!! Why did you let this happen!!!

The person who hacked Drake, who goes by “Aiden” online, has a history of hijacking Twitter accounts. In an interview with Gizmodo, Aiden said Drake used the same password that he used for his MySpace account.

According to Aiden, a password found in the recent MySpace dump was related to Drake’s email address. Aiden said this password was the same one Drake used on Twitter, just capitalised differently. Whoops.

“Could prob get into some of his other stuff. But I’m done,” Aiden told Gizmodo. “Not tryna catch charges.”

Drake may have fucked up, but you don’t have to. Don’t use the same password for different websites, and turn on two factor authentication to prevent your account from being hacked by teenagers looking to promote their own Snapchat account.

We’ve reached out to Drake for comment and will update this story if we hear back.