Facebook Pumps £34m Into Celebs' Pockets to Push Live Streaming

By Gary Cutlack on at

Facebook is said to have earmarked a $50m (£34m) lump of cash to throw at the celebrity and entertainment content generators of the world, designed to get news organisations and a handful of the most shareable celebs to create live streaming events specifically for the massive social network.

You might expect companies like CNN, the New York Times, Mashable and the Huffington Post to be on the lucky list of cash recipients, but Facebook is also apparently paying celebrities to generate stuff too. Our very own Gordon Ramsay is said to be on the paid-to-stream team, along with popular modern philosopher Deepak Chopra and a handful of US sports celebrities whose names mean nothing to us.

Imagine the banal things people might film in order to hit their contractual content quota for the month. Gareth Ramsay spending 40 minutes belittling a lettuce for going floppy. Deepak Chopra unboxing a stash of generic seroxat then popping four to see what happens. An American sports man talking about winning. Someone off a TV show having an opinion about politics. It's already doomed to fail.

The deal is only some sort of interim measure, though, put in place to get the Facebook Live service populated with interesting and exclusive stuff in a hurry, before, the social network hopes, a more concrete revenue sharing system will emerge to make live-streaming through the site the done thing among people who somehow manage to maintain a living by posting photos of themselves in branded swimwear on Instagram. [WSJ]

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