Fender Mod Shop is Like Moto Maker for Guitars

By Gerald Lynch on at

You don't have to be the late, great Prince to design your own custom guitar. The Legendary axe-slingers at Fender are making it easier than ever to have your own bespoke six-string built by launching its online Mod Shop store.

Taking inspiration from Motorola's Moto Maker for phones, the Mod Shop lets you tweak all manner of elements on Fender's iconic Stratocaster, Telecaster, Precision Bass and Jazz Bass guitars. From the colour of the scratchplates to the wood of the neck and pick-up build, all major components can be adjusted to suit your taste and play style.

Pricing starts at $1,650 (£1,165) dependant on the base model you kick off with and, in the US at least, Fender promise to ship the resulting riffing machine within a month of an order being placed. That's a very quick turnaround compared to the majority of custom build jobs (though Fender is, admittedly, working off its own focussed templates).

For the time being at least, the service is only available when visiting the US version of the Fender store, so there's no localised pricing for UK buyers or a simple US-to-UK shipping system. You'll have to jump through some of the hoops we've outlined before. But as a guitarist that's ordered parts from as far afield as botique Chinese manufacturers, I know that obsessive musicians like myself won't have a problem getting around the shipping restrictions if it lets them build that "Axe of Ultimate Shredding" they've always dreamed of. [Fender (US)]