Films, Games, Events: What to Get up to This Weekend

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

That didn’t feel like a four-day week, did it? Thankfully, it’s over now and we can all laugh at those people who work weekends. HAHAHA. We’re all going to hand our money to you over the next couple of days, so we can do/watch/buy fun stuff and you’re going to have to hear all about it. Fun stuff like...


Grab a (mock) weapon, a mask, a mutant rat and a pizza, and get ready to channel your inner infant/Italian Renaissance artist/turtle. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows is on the big screen, and it hasn’t got terrible reviews! Just average ones, which means it’s definitely just about probably worth a pop.

The involvement of Bebop and Rocksteady has to be the deal-maker. Check out the trailer above -- cowabunga!

If that doesn’t tickle your pleasure sensors, there’s always the intriguingly odd-looking The Nice Guys to look forward to, as well as the vom-/tears-/shame boner-inducing Me Before You. It’s got Emilia Clarke in it, so there’ll probably be loads of misplaced Games of Thrones nerds in the audience.


This Week’s Top Pick: Dangerous Golf

Honestly, this isn’t the biggest of weeks for games, but Dangerous Golf is our pick. It essentially looks like chaos. Whack a ball, smash up as many fragile objects as possible, smile while doing it.

For the rest of this week's new UK game releases, head over to our buddies at Kotaku UK.


Pack your reading glasses and something to wipe them with, this weekend could be a bit of a drizzly one. Fortunately, there’s a bizarrely high number of reading events on over the next couple of days, from the Stoke Newington Literary Festival to the Derby Book Festival and the Dickens Festival in Rochester. The Monday morning eye strain will be worth it.

If you don’t mind a touch of damp, we’d recommend heading to essentially anywhere in Scotland for the Highland Games. Forget the European Championships, this is what physical activity's all about.