Fresh Evidence Says Our Ancestors Killed Off the Hobbits

By Gary Cutlack on at

The little Hobbity people that survived all alone and holed-up on the island of Flores could have been one of the earliest cases of homo sapien ethnic cleansing, with new findings showing that modern humans and their fancy invention known as FIRE coincidentally arrived on the island at the same time as the little people died out.

No one's explicitly suggesting the little race was slaughtered and eaten -- perhaps in an early forerunner of a sausage sandwich -- but scientists, reporting in the Journal of Archaeological Science, claim to have evidence of homo sapiens using fire in the cave once populated by the so-called Hobbits, meaning the 3.5 foot tall people suspiciously went missing when our descendants and their modern ways moved into the region with a taste for hot meat.

Researchers say that the discovery of hearths in the Liang Bua cave dated to 41,000 years ago prove that humans took over residence -- Rightmove data doesn't go back far enough to see how much they paid -- clearly incriminating the incomers in their disappearance.

Dr Mike Morley from Australia's University of Wollongong said: "We now know that the hobbits only survived until around 50,000 years ago at Liang Bua. We also know that modern humans arrived in Southeast Asia and Australia at least 50,000 years ago, and most likely quite a bit earlier. This new evidence, which is some of the earliest evidence of modern human activity in south-east Asia, narrows the gap between the two hominin species at the site."

He's clearly inferring that the humans spitroasted and ate the little people. We just need to find some gnawed bones and crumpled up napkins as final proof. [Telegraph]

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