Guess How Much This Rare Silver 2p Coin is Worth

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

A silver two pence coin accidentally created by the Royal Mint has been sold -- for just a little bit more than face value. You’ll find the exact figure near the bottom of this post, but you can have the time of your life guessing big numbers in the meantime.

It was discovered by Royal British Legion volunteers in Wiltshire in a Poppy Appeal tin last year. After being persuaded not to throw it away -- quite the foolish knee-jerk reaction -- Charles Vernon, the treasurer of the Legion in Malmesbury, did what any other normal person who accidentally found themselves in possession of something potentially valuable that they didn’t know jack shit about would do. He showed it to other people.

The mysterious, perpetually-flipping tailed creatures at the Royal Mint clinked and clanked and jingled and jangled amongst themselves, before concluding that the coin had been mistakenly set in nickel-plated steel (used for 10ps), rather than copper-plated steel. Quite the value-inflating error.

Now for the big reveal. Sick of guessing? Didn’t even bother in the first place? Fine, it sold for £1,350. That’s 67,500 times its face value. The Westminster Collection, which specialises in collectable coins and stamps, is now the proud owner of this freak of large-scale manufacturing.

But what’s the money going to be spent on? Class As and pleasures of the night? If that's what Vernon decides is best for the Malmesbury branch of the Legion, so be it. Oh, and if you fancy making a quick bit of cash, it's well worth rummaging around your attic for old Apple gadgets -- they're selling rather well these day. [BBC]