Guns N' Roses Singer is Trying to Kill That "Fat Axl Rose" Meme

By Gerald Lynch on at

In a textbook case of how NOT to divert attention away from something, perennially-late, formerly-snake-hipped rocker Axl Rose of Guns N' Roses fame is looking to take on the might of the internet after taking offence at a meme capitalising upon a particularly unflattering photo of the singer.

According to TorrentFreak, Rose's people have made copyright claims to Blogspot and GoogleUserContent, demanding that this picture, the root of a wave of "Fat Axl" memes, be wiped from the internet. Take me down to the Pastry City / Sweet Pie o' Mine / Mr Brownie-stone, etc etc...

Though Google has yet to respond to the request with any takedown action, Rose et al may have a case. It appears that any photographer given permission to take snaps at a Guns N' Roses show signs an agreement transferring copyright ownership of all resulting pictures to Rose's own company. That said, there's not much Google can do about anyone that may have already downloaded the offending image, and so any future upload takedowns just become a game of hard-rock themed whack-a-mole.

Regardless, it will all inevitably mean Fat Axl meme dispersal will go through the roof, if only for the virtue of the added media exposure – not to mention the internet's penchant for sticking the knife in when pressed to not offend. [TorrentFreak]