Has Huawei Made it in the UK? The Numbers Seem to Suggest So

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's no secret that Chinese phone companies haven't had as much luck outside of Asia, especially when they have to compete with the likes of Apple, Samsung, and the like. But the sales figures of Huawei's P9 smartphone seem to suggest that's changing, in the UK and across the rest of the world.

The Huawei P9 and P9 Plus had their global launch in London on 6th April, and since then the company has shipped 2.6 million units to across the world. That might not seem like a big figure, but globally (outside of China) those figures are 130 per cent higher than the Huawei P8.

In the UK, P9 sales are a whopping 300 per cent higher than the P8. On top of that, France saw an increase of 1000 per cent, and there was a 400 per cent increase in sales in both Poland and Finland.

The sales figures have also caused Huawei's market share to increase to 8.5 per cent, cementing its position as a top-three smartphone developer.

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