Here Are All of the Jacked-Up New House Robots in Robot Wars

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

The BBC has released the first proper images of the revamped house robots that are set to feature in the new series of Robot Wars, and aren't they glorious? Described as descendants of the original mechanical monsters, Matilda, Shunt, Dead Metal and, of course, Sir Killalot, are bigger, badder and more powerful than ever.

Sir Killalot

If you were to return home to find this guy sleeping with your better half, you'd ask it if it fancied a drop of lube. The King of the ring weighs in at 741kg (up from 520kg) and is capable of hunting down opponents at 10mph. Each of its arms can lift 300kg -- handy at a buffet -- while its hydraulic claws have 2.5 tonnes of crush force and it's protected by Armox armour. Oh, and if you're still standing after facing all of that, Sir Killalot could just impale you with that rotating drill lance.


My first love, I still feel sad when I see her in pain. Matilda may not be quite the same force of nature as Sir Killalot, but she's speedy (14mph) and that vertical flywheel weapon -- which on its own weighs 35kg and spins 25 times per second -- would make mincemeat of us all. Tipping the scales at 350kg rather than 116kg, Matilda's more than doubled in mass and her head, complete with pneumatic flipping tusks, is capable of lifting 1.5 tonnes. Look at that death stare too.

Dead Metal

Looking a bit like a metallic crab louse, you wouldn't want to put any of your body parts near Dead Metal. It's also packed on some serious weight, now coming in at 343kg rather than 112kg. Those 1.4m-wide pincers have a bone-crushing 300kg grip, but that's not all you need to be wary of. The saw around the back rotates at a dizzying rate of 4,000rpm and can go through armour like a pizza cutter through... butter.


The smallest of 2016's group of House Robots, Shunt weighs 327kg (previously 105kg) and will ram all enemies with its plough. That doesn't sound too intimidating, does it? Well, wait till you hear what else this guy's packing. Shunt's rear bucket scoop(?) can lift 350kg -- perfect for scooping and stuff -- and it can slam that titanium axe down in a fraction of a second. Oh, and Shunt's powerful enough to tow a van, too.

The show, which will be fronted by Dara Ó Briain and Angela Scanlon, still hasn't got an official launch date, but the BBC says it's coming soon.