How Much Does Everyone Working on a Blockbuster Movie Get Paid?

By Casey Chan on at

You made it! You’re in a movie! You’re a superstar! You're gonna be rich! Oh. Oh, right. Not quite, then.

Vanity Fair made this clever credits sequence showing how much people working on a film with a $200 million / £138 million budget would get paid, and it’s pretty revealing. If you’re the lead actor or the director, sure, you’ll do fantastically well. Even if you’re the production designer or handle the special effects make-up, you’ll be great. But most people on a movie set won’t get a sniff of the millions that have been put into the film.

At least you get your name in the credits! And some of the less-costly people work for just a day too, so that’s not the worst thing. Keep the dream alive.