Intel's Inside the Next iPhone (But Not Where You'd Expect)

By Tom Pritchard on at

When the name Intel is mentioned, most people will immediately think of processors. With news that the next iPhone will contain Intel components, the same people will probably think the same. But Apple ditching its own hardware? As if. Intel's apparently only providing the modem.

Bloomberg is reporting that Intel will replace Qualcomm as the supplier of the chips, in an attempt by Apple to diversify its suppliers. Qualcomm will still provide the wireless chips for some phones, but only those meant to be used with a network running the CDMA protocol. So none of them will be on sale in the UK.

It's only a small change for Apple, but this is quite a big deal for Intel. They did, quite infamously, refuse to provide the components for the first generation iPhone. Then CEO Paul Otellini was offered the chance to produce the processors in each device, but since the chips were made by Intel's rival ARM he refused. Good going Otellini, you lost Intel what can only be described as a 'shit-load' of money.

By the time it realised its mistake, it was already too late - with Samsung, Nvidia, and Qualcomm miles ahead. Now that the PC market has been winding down, Intel isn't in a great place. In fact it recently had to make 12,000 employees redundant.

Now, even though iPhone sales have been winding down Intel's finally in a good position. The modem might not be the component many people pay attention to, but they're still damn important. [Bloomberg via Engadget]