ISIS Flying the Rainbow Flag on Social Media Thanks to Hack

By Gerald Lynch on at

Hate group and terrorists Islamic State (aka ISIS) aren't well know for their love of, well, anyone. But the Islamic fundamentalists are known to be particularly ruthless in their hatred towards gay people. Which has made them the target of an effective round of trolling for hacking collective Anonymous.

Following the murder of 49 gay clubbers in Orlando, Florida on June 12th (which, it has to be said, has yet to be officially directly linked to ISIS activities) a hacker who goes by the name of WauchulaGhost gained control of more than 200 accounts belonging to ISIS supporters. Rather than locking the extremists out of their accounts however, the hacker instead looked to find a way to publically wind up the account holders.

“There was a few of us … that discovered a vulnerability,” he told CNN. “We thought, ‘Hey let’s go start taking their accounts … and humiliating them.’”

At first, that consisted of posting explicit gay porn through the social channels to the ISIS followers. Though the heart was in the right place, that wasn't exactly a family friendly bit of vigilantism for the public to get behind. So he's instead settled on plastering the accounts with the rainbow flag synonymous with the gay community.

How long the protest will remain effective though is uncertain – ISIS has so far proved itself effective at getting around social media hacks and bans, able to quickly reorganise the social media communications channels it uses when faced with similar challenges in the past. [CNN]