ITN Wins Deal to Continue Doing Channel 5's News

By Gary Cutlack on at

News provider ITN has signed a £35m deal with Channel 5 - or Five or 5 or whatever it calls itself these days -- to continue providing it with the news it puts on between showings of Kindergarten Cop and ideas too poor for Alan Partridge to bother firing up the dictaphone.

Things will change, too, as part of the deal includes relocating the 5 News team from its current base in the Isle of Dogs to ITN's proper newsbase on Gray’s Inn Road and completely redesigning the sets in the process. Maybe they will be made to stand up again, or perch on desks, or stand beside a massive CG head of Donald Trump.

Channel 5 somehow manages to fit 260 hours of news into its schedules each year, and along with ITV and Channel 4, is one of the key modern earners for ITN. [Guardian]

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