It's Transport Week on Gizmodo UK!

By Gerald Lynch on at

The wheels on the bus go round and round. But what if they were powered by a Tesla electric motor? And what if the conductor was more AI Johnny Cab than Jack Harper?

If you find yourself asking similar questions, then welcome to Transport Week on Gizmodo UK!

In a world preparing for supersonic air travel and motorways full of driverless cars, we've got a week full of features dedicated to showing you the maddest developments in the world of transportation past, present and future.

From electric scooters to the military's most insane vehicles, this year's most sought-after luxury cars to the transport projects that time forgot, there's going to be plenty to keep you moving throughout the week. You'll be able to track all the Transport Week stuff by following this tag page, and don't fret if you're not into trains, planes and automobiles – normal service on tech, sci-fi, design and all else you expect from Gizmodo UK will continue as usual.

So start revving those engines!

Image Credit: Robot in traffic jam from Shutterstock