Kodi Moves into Hardware With Posh Aluminium Case for Raspberry Pi

By Gary Cutlack on at

The maker of the Kodi media toolbox -- previously known to the older generation of streaming nerds as XBMC, and to their forefathers as Xbox Media Centre -- has launched its first piece of hardware. Of a sort. It's a case. A Kodi case designed to house a Raspberry Pi 3 and turn it into a proper nice little box you can put on any vacant bit of shelving below your main TV.

The Kodi Edition Raspberry Pi case is apparently a limited run special thing, built for the company by US-based manufacturer Flirc. Given that it doesn't include the actual Pi hardware the asking price is rather low, with with £16 getting pro and am tinkerers one of the cases from the UK Pi Hut.

The box's aluminum housing doubles as a heat sink for the little chipset, which the maker says you should be able to plug the board into and screw into position in seconds, with the hardest part of the entire process being working out where your sodding screwdriver is.

And it's just like a little PC despite the budget cost, with the box allowing for four USB 2.0 connections, HDMI output, Ethernet and a 3.5mm audio jack for using it with external speakers. [Pi Hut via Kodi]

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