London Smog Warrants Road Signs and Social Media Warnings, Says Mayor

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

The future’s mighty bright, isn’t it? Mayor of London Sadiq Khan today revealed depressing new proposals, which would see road signs, SMS alerts and social media warnings used to inform the public about air pollution hotspots and periods of particularly poor air quality.

What's wrong with Pigeon Air Patrol?

The capital’s air is notoriously bad, with King’s College stats showing that air pollution in the city hit ‘moderate’ or ‘high’ levels at least 49 times in 2014. Khan reckons Londoners need a better understanding of all the shit that goes into our lungs, so we either stop giving a toss about anything or completely abandon vehicles and start wearing those air pollution mask things. What seems more likely?

“I will do everything humanly possible to put the wellbeing of Londoners first and will be taking robust steps to clean up the capital’s filthy air and drive down the number of days when air quality is dangerously high,” said Khan. “In the short term, I want to ensure Londoners are given clear information and advice during these episodes, when they can take practical measures to protect their health.”

The mayor will launch a formal public consultation on a number of air pollution policies in the coming weeks and he said plans to boost awareness of air pollution episodes would be launched as part of the new policy package. Whether such a system comes to the UK’s other major cities remains to be seen. [BusinessGreen]

Image: Nigel Hopes via Flickr