Londoners Invited to Spend £1,600 a Month Renting Windowless Isolation Flat

By Gary Cutlack on at

Most young folk adjusting to single life away from their parents have probably got used to bathrooms without windows in them by now, as that's the first space-saving measure introduced by landlords rejigging their stock for maximum yield. But how about a kitchen without windows too? And a living room without windows? And two bedrooms without windows?

Yes, regional people, it's time to laugh at how Londoners live! They may have the best buses, but they have to spend all of their money, and inevitably half of their parents' money when they go sobbing home at Christmas to get their debts paid off by daddy, on living in bleak rooms that people in the North and Wales would probably keep as a place to put boxes, bikes, camping equipment and broken TVs they can't be bothered to dump.

This particular windowless flat is currently up for rent in Brixton, where £1,625 per month gets you two bedrooms, a kitchen diner, a separate bathroom, but... no windows. And as bad as that seems, it's just the tip of the shocking housing iceberg that young people -- as if young people can afford £1,625 a month in rent -- face when living in the capital.

Twitter user Daniel Ruiz Tizon regularly trawls the estate agent sites for the very worst converted rooms and corridors, revealing such horrors as mezzanine beds (not a good look if you're over 13), converted corridors being rented out for £910 a month as if they're entire homes, and sofa beds in kitchens, all popping up as landlords convert former cupboards, attics and immersion tank spaces into homes they can charge a grand a month to put a social media intern in.

So yes. London. Good buses. Art. Riverside walks. 4G. Not a nice place to live unless your dad's happy to pick up three quarters of the tab each month or you're OK with being able to control the cooker while sitting up in bed and have a fridge as a bedside table. [Vice]

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