London's Tube Bosses Plan Mobile Network Coverage

By Gary Cutlack on at

Transport for London is said to be in the process of chatting up a few networking providers, with the hope being one might take on the mammoth task of providing mobile phone coverage down the capital's deep transport pipes.

According to the Telegraph, US small cell mobile provider Airvana is one of the companies potentially involved, although TfL's people are playing down any possible public access element of the scheme. A TfL spokesperson told the paper: "We are currently investigating if the provision of a new communications network on the Underground is possible to further improve communications for the emergency services," adding that there are currently no official plans for this to be opened up to customers.

The technology needed will first be used by the emergency services, when London's services finally switch over to the new 4G voice-over-LTE and push-to-talk communications system powered by EE's network. And if it's putting the stuff down there, it'd be a bit silly not to let everyone else use clog it up with their streams and video games and charge the networks for the privilege. [Telegraph via City AM]

Image credit: Phone on Underground from Shutterstock

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